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I have two controllers on my account: New house and old house. We are renting out the old house. Would like to share access with tenants so they can update WiFi settings to theirs, adjust zones as needed, rain delay, etc. However, I would like to not lose the settings we currently have for that controller, so I can revert when they leave if necessary without manually inputting all details for 14 zones. Also, I would like to stop receiving notifications for that controller (but keep receiving notifications for other controller).

Any ides RE best ways to go about this?
Does sharing access allow all of the desired access (including change WiFi password)?
Are there ways to take backups/snapshots of settings?
Are there granular notification settings I’m not seeing?


I am going through a similar scenario right now. I have shared ‘complete’ controller access with a tenant, but he is having trouble updating the wifi network to his router.

I would also like to know if someone who has received ‘complete’ shared access has the right to update the wifi network.

Hey @mister_burns and @Latz-

Currently, complete access users are not able to update wifi. What I would recommend would be to contact support and have them transfer ownership of the device to the tenants, and have the tenants share complete access with you. This way they can configure the wifi, and you will no longer receive notifications for that device! Let me know if that helps.

McKynzee :rachio:

easy … go to more page, shared access, 3 options for your tenant

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I think it can be done, but you will have to bother with the papers. I was also tinkering with the house about 3 years ago. I was looking for The Property Sourcing Company to sign a contract and also rent out my 2 houses. I was probably just lucky, because with all the little things like you, for example, resetting settings, etc., I could turn to my company, and they either did everything themselves or advised me where to turn. I advise you to talk to the company with which you signed the contract, I am sure they will help you.