Rachio flow meter / false positive - pool fill. Potential solution

I have ordered one of the new Gen3 with flow meter. I have an issue however that the pool fill is tied into one of the master lines. I have a potential solution for this however, but will need some flexibility from Rachio to achieve it.

to fill the pool today, I simply open the master valve, and a unused zone. This fills the main line, and if the pool needs to fill it will.

I could solve FP leak detections if the new controller could allow master valve / dummy zone open only configurations to not trigger leak detection. I am sure that there are many out there that are going to discover that the autofill is tied into the main line.

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You might be able to calibrate that unused zone setting to the lowest flow rate at .5gpm. That might solve that problem.

My question:

Will the flow sensor detect no flow once the pool fill float closes?
If yes, is there a notification for no flow?

The flow meter has notifications around high flow, low flow, and no flow.

  1. Low flow when a zone is running: This is set with a low flow threshold and will notify the user when the flow goes below that level.
  2. Inactive system flow: This is the detection of water movement when the system is not operating.

There is an option to turn off leak detection and auto shutoff per zone. So for the pool zone, you can just leave it off and you wouldn’t receive notifications.


If only they would bring this feature to the loyal diehards on gen2

In my case, I have a yard faucet tied into the main line. I’ve set this up as a dummy zone as suggested above, and will set it up to be “running” all day (real schedules run at night).

About to take the plunge and upgrade, I sure hope this works out…