Rachio Flow Meter Calibration Issues


Hi All,

Just finished installing/calibrating my flow meter. I have 5 zones and 2 of the zones are not calibrating properly. Lets call them zone 2 and zone 5.

Zone 5 reported over 25GPM on the first calibration and has since been reporting no flow or only 1GPM on subsequent calibrations. There are about 11 rotary heads and I find 1GPM very hard to believe.

Zone 2 is consistently reporting no flow. It is a smaller zone, but it is definitely higher than 0.5GPM.

The strange thing is that the other 3 zones are reporting within .1GPM the same each time. I’m only having issues with the two zones. My signal strength is excellent.



@jboyles would you mind sharing some photos of your flow meter install?


Let me know if you need anything else.


Would you mind DM’ing me your serial number, either controller or flow meter, and I’ll take a look at your logs. One thing to try may be increasing your pressurize time. Install looks great!


Serial numbers of both devices sent.


@jboyles It’s great you are getting excellent with sensor buried in ground. To help troubleshoot @johnny2678’s buried flow meter issue, it would be helpful if you could help answer some questions.

  • What are your plans were for covering the sensor? …have you covered it already…and if so is signal strength still the same?

  • Roughly how far is Rachio controller from sensor?



I plan on putting an access box around it. I haven’t just yet. Also, my controller is only about 20-25 feet from the flow meter, outside as well. So it has close line of sight minus the 6-8” below the surface.


@jboyles Got it. Pretty ideal install location considering in ground need. Thanks for information!