Rachio flex daily: new setup

I just installed a Rachio 3 and setup 6 zones.
I set it up to have a flex daily schedule.
However, I don’t see any watering events scheduled for the future. What could be the reason?
As for the soil moisture graphs I see 100% or above in my shrub zones and 75% in my lawn zone.

In the cooler winter months, Flex Daily will push watering events out, as the crop does not require nearly the water is does in the hotter summer months. For example, here in Arizona, my winter months Flex Daily schedule will push my tree zones out over 2 weeks between waterings, shrubs 10-14 days.

Now, it also needs to be said that Flex Daily is incredibly advanced, and really requires the zones to be set up correctly for the schedule to function to its fullest. This means soil selection, and nozzle PR (inches per hour), etc. need to be dialed in as best as possible. Are you fairly confident that you have everything set up correctly?

Yes, I think I have it correctly setup. Even with a wrong setup, there should be some scheduling?
I split up the lawn into a separate schedule and now I see dates there.

While not 100% necessary, I think it is good practice to split lawn and drip into separate schedules. One functionality that you lose by combining them is the cycle soak if your lawn would require it.

However, combining zones shouldn’t affect scheduling of grass vs. drip. With Flex Daily, the zones run independently of each other as needed.