Rachio first timer - Campbell, California


I am Richard in Campbell, CA - just started using Rachio 3 for a new landscaping project consisting of native California plants and grasses (like Deer grass) on a moderately sloping north-facing front yard.

Starting to learn how to program the R 3 for my landscape designer’s version of cycle and soak:

“run each station for 8 minutes on every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, or 3 other consecutive days of the week of your choice to achieve a cumulative total of 1 - 1.5 inches = one irrigation event.”

Has anyone figured out how to program the same 3 consecutive days each week?

TIA Richard

For anyone who’s interested - the Rachio 3 app seems to have a nifty way to do this:

Irrigation > Schedules > Create Schedule > Flex Daily

Following the prompts it’s possible to select:

  • days to water (Mon, Tue and Wed)
  • start/stop date
  • time to water
  • etc

Also, the new schedules can be run from “Quick Run” for testing and manual irrigation.

This app has some great built-in stuff!