Rachio Endlessly Dropping Wifi

I use an Orbi - the very close satellite is even wired backhaul. Why does the Rachio constant lose the Wifi and not reconnect?


Similar problem with Netgear Mesh.

RAX200 WiFi6 router (recently upgraded) and mixture of wired and wireless Ex7700 repeaters.

Two Rachio units (one several metres from the router, the other 2 metres and a wall from a repeater)

Other WiFi devices connecting fine. Rachio falls off the network, and power cycling doesn’t help.

Can sometimes get success resetting Wifi using the app, then it fails again a few days later. Infuriating.

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I am having the WIFI problem too

Have disabled Auto channel selection on router.
Have also disabled "One Name SSID’ on the extender

So far, better? Maybe.
Will report back.