Rachio Down again. Where’s LAN mode

Seems that the whole system is brought down by AWS today, which means that I can’t water anything without manually turning all my valves. (I had just planted seed and hadn’t set up a schedule yet)

Is there a way to enable local access to the controller to at least limited settings, perhaps quick runs?

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My App was showing offline, so I tried to reset the Wi-Fi on my Rachio 3 controller and now it is stuck on pulsing light 4.
What do I need to do here to get back online?

I think we are all stuck till they fix it.

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+1 for a local only or selfhosted version of the controller. If this happened two weeks ago I would have lost $200 in seed and fertilizer. Outweighing the cost of this product entirely. Definitely a consideration going forward if developers choose not to make this a feature or allow for open source development. By the looks of this forum and some of the requests it looks like they are in maintain mode but for how long is anyones guess.

Looks like the connectivity is restored

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I don’t understand how anyone can come to a community forum and come to the conclusion that Rachio is in “maintenance mode” or is failing as a company, or whatever other assumptions they can come up with.

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Still down for me

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Oh no!!
I checked there support site and I no longer see the AWS issue that was causing this problem. In fact I do not see any alerts on their support site. Did you try to reach out to customer service via chat?

I’m back now. I went out and did the unplug and plug back in solution. Like others, I also just seeded.

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I switched to Rachio over ten years ago from an analogue controller. In fact, I am still using the same version 2 of the controller. It has proven to be reliable, stable, and easy to use. I can easily count on one hand the number of times it has been down since I installed it. While it may not be all things to all people, I have never been happier.

As part of a comprehensive Lawn Maintenance program, I oversee overseeding every year, in addition to tasks like aeration and grub control. I have established automated recurring Rachio schedules on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to accommodate this. The only time I manually initiate a routine is when I perform the annual blowout of my irrigation system for the season’s close at the end.

By adopting this risk management approach, I never have to worry about potential outages or maintenance periods with Rachio, as these schedules are executed locally by the controller. I do, of course, test them yearly upon opening the system for the season.

When examining the operational uptime data for Rachio, it seems to be a rare occurrence for the system to experience downtime (source: Rachio Status Page). The most recent instance was less than 24 hours. This is something I can personally vouch for, as some of the other automated processes I use don’t boast the same level of reliability.

Before contemplating a switch, I recommend reviewing the Service Level Agreements for both Rachio and its competitors. It’s worth taking a close look. It’s a challenge to find a company that offers (or can attain) 100% uptime, especially when their offering isn’t classified as a Business-Critical Environment or for that matter Misson Critical.

I run another brand as well and both store a local program although the other also has bt and can be controlled when theres no Internet. Both have had issues where they get messed up and either won’t reconnect or even stop watering.