Rachio does not power on

Hi, just recently got all the water pushed out to prepare for winter. Main water valve for irrigation was shut down. So there is now no water and no preassure in the system. But I now noticed that Rachio does not show any lights, the lights just went off and now it looks the device is off. Is this normal? If not how can i power back it on? Does it depend on that water valve which was shut down?


No lights at all is not normal. Unplug the unit from AC power, wait 10 seconds then plug it in again. If no lights come on, use a lamp or other device to confirm that the power outlet is working. Also check that the connector on the cord from the power module is properly seated.

If you still don’t see any lights, the controller or power module has failed. If you have a multimeter, check the output of the power module; it should be in the range of 24 to 28 VAC.