Rachio didn't adjust schedule after torrential downpour from Ivan

I am a relatively new Rachio user. I have it setup for Flex Daily and using Weather Intelligence Plus network (0.125" rain setting). I got an absolute massive amount of rain all day on Friday. My yard is quite saturated. Then the Rachio ran today (36 hours later). Does the 0.125" rain have to happen within 24 hours? Is there any way to automatically adjust for these torrential downpours or do I just have to do it manually? Thanks in advance for your help.

If your soil type is set incorrectly, this could happen. For example, if Rachio thinks you have sandy soil but you actually have silt or clay, then it figures the water has run through your soil quickly, when it may not have.

While 36 hours seems quick, you also need to keep in mind that Rachio will only account for 110% soil moisture, and will assume that anything more than that will run off.

Also, in your moisture graphs, can you confirm that WI+ did in fact see that much rain? If you have a solid PWS near you, it is usually advised to chose that over WI+, but that is a moot point right now.

Thanks for the help. My soil is clay and setup as clay. According to the Rachio app, I got 2.56" of rain on 9/30, then 0.06" on 10/1, then it ran on 10/2. My soil (prior to rachio running) was really saturated from the 9/30 rain (Hurricane Ivan). To be honest, the 2.56" seems light compared to the steady downpour we had all day long, but that is what Rachio is reporting for rain that day.

The closest national weather station is 9.17 miles away. There is a personal weather station 0.56 miles away (looks like it is in my subdivision). Would you use the national or local weather station rather than WI+?

Thanks so much for the help and suggestions!