Rachio + Coronavirus: An Update

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a growing concern worldwide. Like many companies and organizations, we are taking steps to prioritize the health and safety of our team as well as prepare our extended Rachio family for any changes that could be coming due to this pandemic. We wanted to keep you in the loop on our response plan and framework.

Social Distancing Strategy
Effective yesterday, 3/11/2020, the Rachio team is working remotely. We are a digital-first company and while we work primarily from our Denver HQ, we are fully equipped to continue building products and supporting our customers remotely. We use great tools like Slack, Asana, Zoom, and Google to make remote work productive and scalable, so we’re set up for success if this should affect us long term.

Travel Policy
Most of Rachio travel is done by our sales team to our business partners in the Pro, Retail, and Utility spaces. We will be halting all non-essential travel and communicating with these partners directly regarding upcoming events and meetings. Should things need to be moved online, we’re ready to continue our meetings and trainings via webinars and video calls and have the tools in place to work well in this virtual environment.

Direct Affects To Our Customers
While we’re not currently seeing any significant issues that could affect our customers directly, we are aware of issues other companies have encountered with their supply chain and support. We’re in constant communication with our business and supply partners to monitor the state of their business in order to minimize impact to our customers and business. We’ll be closely monitoring this over the next few days and weeks and will keep everyone updated should any changes occur.

@franz and @chris built Rachio to be tech-first, and that helps us prioritize our employees and customers in times of stress. Being tech-first means that as a current customer, your product experience won’t be compromised and that as a potential customer, your buying experience won’t be compromised. It’s business as usual here.

We hope that in this uncertain time, our customers and employees are safe, healthy, and have beautiful outdoor spaces to help them de-stress and focus on what matters most.