Rachio controller login in from Windows fails after update

Login to the Rachio controller from my Windows 10 machine now fails after upgrading to the last version of Rachio. I have Rachio Gen II 8 station.

I have updated to Rachio 3.1 on my Galaxy 5 (android v6.0) phone. I have logged out and back in several times on this phone.

Yet my acess to the Rachio controlled from my Windows 10 machine continues to fail with the above message.

Any suggestions?


It looks like the account with that email has not been migrated to our V3 platform. My guess is that a new account was created with a different email address.

If you login to the mobile app with the email address above it should migrate your previous account.

If you have any other issues I would reach out to https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us and they will be able to sort out your account.


Thanks, franz.

I uninstalled the cell phone app, and re-installed. Now it working correctly.

Fantastic! Sorry for any confusion.