Rachio community is very slow to load while logged in

Over the last several days, I noticed that community.rachio.com is very slow to load, expecially in the evenings. This seems to effect the site only while I am logged in, incognito mode loads the site very quickly. Here is the example of the site loading while I am logged out (incognito):

Notice that the longest it takes to load a anything is under 3 seconds for 3 MB file.

Here is the same test, same computer, a minute or so apart, but while I am logged in:

Files routinely take close to a minute to load for even the smallest files, sharp contrast compared to different sources, such as google analytics which took just 3ms to load.

Is this just me? Seems like a big backed issue with database or something similar.

Please look into this, as the site is unusable to me at this time.

Thank you,

P.S. Solution: Seems like logging out and logging back in fixed the issue. Not sure what caused it to begin with, have not changed any settings within chrome.

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Let me know if you experience any more slowness. Forums are hosted so we don’t have any real visibility into performance.


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