Rachio Champion

I sprayed fertilizer on my lawn 2 weeks ago and now my lawn is burned, the hot Texas sun is not helping either. Is using the Rachio Champion lawn system an option for me now or should I wait.

The lawn champion really isn’t a fertilizer, as much as it is a soil conditioner. It isn’t going to hurt anything at all to put it down, but don’t expect it to instantly “fix” your yard.

Is your yard actually burned from the fertilizer, or is there a watering issue?

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There’s watering issues too, my Rachio3 schedule is set on Flex Monthly and I’m using the Smart cycle. With this setting the lawn is being watered once per week and that’s not working so I’m going to the fixed schedule. Articles I’ve read about Thrive say you should see results in about 4 weeks, I’m ok with that so I’m not looking for a quick fix but I want to see what other users experience with the Thrive product has been before I buy so I can spend my money wisely.