Rachio blink up issues unless within 5 feet of router>>?

Ok when i first got Rachio over year ago blink up was fast with same router and ISP. I decided to update wifi and blink up failed and called support and physically moved unit and it worked.

So fast forward.

I installed a second router in home (Netgear Super Duper Router) within 10 ft of garage now running 100/100 Fios.

Same issue…I had to move within 5 feet or same room as router.

Iphone 6 running Ios 10

I also noticed since ia dded 6 + overseed schedule per day when i start app it take ling time to see the schedule?

Ok lmk if you need any info as this is perplexing… Rachio 8 Zone Gen 1

Were you able to connect once you were within 5 feet? I know it’s not ideal but just want to make sure you got connect first! Also, how many schedules total do you have when the app starts running slow?
McKynzee :rachio:

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Yes i got connected

I had 6-7 schedules loaded for my every 3 hour overseed sprinkle

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Still… you shouldn’t have to be that close to your router to connect. What is the make and model of your router? We also don’t usually recommend having more than 8 schedules on a gen 1, but you are under that limit. Is the app only slow connected to your home wifi or always? Is it slow on the web app as well as your iOS app?

App i slow always even on LTE signal

Router one:

Nighthawks X4s running Optimum online 200/35 service

Router Two
Verizon FIOS 100/100 running on Netgear R6300

2 independent ISPS ands routers same results

Our Gen 1s do typically have issues with the Nighthawk routers, but there shouldn’t be issues with the Netgear. My best guess would be that there is a lot of interference between the router and your controller. Do you have a lot of things in between the two, maybe garage cabinets or something along those lines? Have you tried running in the web app and still had trouble with loading time on your schedules?

How to you have these two routers working in your home? Are they each sending out a unique SSID? Are they both handling DHCP or is one acting only as an AP?

Very good chance that your phone and the Rachio are connecting to different routers. While potentially on the same “network” it could be causing interference. Being within 5’ of one of the routers might force both phone and Rachio to connect to the same AP. Getting two routers of different make and model to work well together (read seamlessly) is not easy, and many times impossible. Highly, highly doubt that the ISP has anything to do with the blink up.

But I got nothing on the slowdown of the app…


Both routers are unique SSIDS and different ISPS.

Verizon made me upgrade my old copper lion to FIOS and threw in free internet 100/100

Your network assumptions are incorrect. Think of it as two completely different networks in one residence completely dependent of one another.