Rachio @ AWS re:Invent?


Rachio has been one of the companies on the keynote slides a lot this morning. Wondering if anyone from Rachio is in attendence or if you guys have a booth? If you’re here, as a enthusiastic customer of Rachio and fellow AWS user with my company, I’d love to meet up and say hi!



Damnit I wish! We were there last year, hope to be there next year.

Any idea how we can get that slide? What is your company?

Can I get a rain check for a meetup next year? :wink:



They had a few slides with a grid of companies and their logos that use AWS. You were on all of them! So i though maybe some of you were here. I work for Campbell Soup Company. Not sure if they will release the keynote slides to us but if they do I’ll attach here. Hopefully I’ll be back next year, it’s been great so far. There’s another keynote tomorrow so I’ll see if I can snap a photo if I see you up there. They even mentioned a Rachio topical example citing watering grass based on knowing weather patterns and ground humidity. I think the example was vineyard related though and they didn’t mention Rachio explicitly then. Anyways I’ll keep you up to date!



Ha awesome, thanks for the update! Have a great show, the party at the end is surreal :slight_smile:



Hi Franz,
I would befriend people at the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County and LA Counties. They are having free water saving seminars that provide CEUs for people who have certifications with the Irrigation Association, IA. Hunter presented, and several other organizations. You could talk about programming controllers with plant, soil, root information. In the seminar, it was mentioned that many in the industry are afraid of that new technology.


what new technology exactly?


To many landscapers, Rachio is a new technology. They are afraid to change. Showing them how to program for plants, soils, etc would ease their fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Just a thought for you.