Rachio app (iOS) hits Unifi internal honeypot

Hello, I am posting a solution to a problem I encountered over the weekend. I’ve recently installed Ubiquiti UDM Pro (Unifi Dream Machine Pro) based network, and I had configure the security settings to enable the internal honeypot. My Gen2 Rachio controller was moved over to it, seemingly no issues. This weekend, after about 2 weeks of normal operation, the controller went offline. I tried to add it back using the troubleshooting guided procedure in the Rachio iOS app, but it kept failing. Looking on my UDM pro notifications, I noticed hits to the honeypot coinciding with the times I was trying to fix the connectivity of the Rachio. Simple fix: disable the internal honeypot for the network / subnet the Rachio is joining. I then repeated the troubleshooting procedure and the Rachio came back online.

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