Rachio App.io and sharing

I just bought a Rachio Smart Hose Timer ( 4 days ago ) and installed it I have 2 issues 1. I am trying to use the website but when I log in it says loading location then comes to a blank white screen and shows nothing. 2. I can’t figure out how to share with my wife full control ( I guess I can have her login on to my account if needed but thought I could share and she could have her own account ) any help would be great since I contacted customer support threw email and I have not received anything back.

I do not think you can use the web application for the hose timer. When I go to the website, it can only shows the sprinkler controller when it loads up.

On “Shared Access”, I have only found it after selecting the Rachio controller, selecting More, and then selecting Shared Access. This would seem to indicate that either I have not found it for the hose timer or feature is not yet available on the hose timer.

Thanks, kind of ruined my plan of bringing them in with Home Assistant but hopefully, they will add it sooner than later if it’s planned.

It is possible that I missed it somewhere and do not know the plans other than it is a new product with probably more features to be added in the future. Sorry if it messes up your plan (hopefully just for now).