Rachio app compatibilty with windows phones

Is the Rachio apps compatible with windows phones. And do you have tech support phone number?

The Rachio app is compatible with iOS and Android devices — see

For support and times they’re available, see https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010380167-Contact-Support

A search of the forums shows that a phone number to support is 1-844-472-2446,


As a former Windows phone fan and owner I applaud your dedication to hold on. :raised_hands:t2:


@101146 While we don’t have a dedicated app for Windows phones, please keep in mind that you can always utilize our WebApp via your devices mobile browser!

The WebApp has almost full parity with our mobile clients, however you would need a device that meets our compatibility requirements in order to initially activate the controller and pair it with your home Wi-Fi.