Rachio app and website stuck

When I attempt to log in to app.rach.io, I just get the circle “wait” logo forever. The iPhone app is just stuck on the black screen with the rachio logo.

So far as I can tell, my Rachio controller has all of the right lights turned on.

Is it just me? What’s going on?

Same here. Trying to turn off tonight’s watering schedule because we’re having rain. Can’t get in on app or website. Deleted app and reinstalled and still stuck.

It looks like there was an AWS outage affecting Rachio devices: Rachio Status - Incident History

app.rachio.io works for me now, but I’m still unable to access my controller via the Android app

So you do not need to remember that link, you can get to it from the upper-right corner of any of the Community pages (including this one) where it says “STATUS PAGE”

@TruAggie if you are still having issues can you DM me with your serial number?

Everything is good now, thanks!

SOOOO many things in my life were straight up fried yesterday. AWS is involved in so many products we use today, it is almost ridiculous (and scary).