Rachio App "Access Denied" and "Not Scheduled" status

Whenever I open the Rachio app on my iPhone, I get an “Access Denied” message with just an OK button. I often get the message multiple times in one session. I’ve restarted both the Rachio and iPhone and killed/restarted the app but still get the message.

For at least the last week that I’ve noticed, 3 out of my 10 zones show “Not Scheduled” even though the other zones have watered (multiple times) since then. When I check the logs, those zones have actually been watered in the past week. When I checked the app yesterday, those 3 zones showed up as not scheduled but the log shows 2 out of the 3 watered this morning. Perhaps I’m misremembering which zones had that status yesterday and their status changed today.

Finally, the Rachio seems to water way too long and frequently especially for this time of the year.

I’m having the same exact problem. I called the help desk on Monday, after installing the unit on Sunday, and it was the first that they had heard of the issue.

In addition, I cannot delete watering schedules or view the “fixed schedule” water days on the App calendar.

Seems like a programming bug.

I have the development team reviewing this, will let you know what they find.


Development found the issue, testing and will send fix out to cloud. Will notify when the fix is out this morning.


@chinhster, I wanted to follow up on your concerns with watering durations.

After reviewing your schedules, I’m seeing the following:

  • Water my lawn schedule: zone durations range from 16 to 30 minutes per zone; with nothing scheduled for the next two weeks (next watering will be after March 16)
  • Water my flower beds schedule: zone durations range from 8 to 10 minutes per zone; with nothing scheduled for the next two weeks (next watering will be after March 16)

Is there a particular zone that you’re concerned about? Or looking back, a certain watering day I could review for you? After reviewing each zone, your allowed depletion settings range from 20-40%; we default allowed depletion to 50%. Any value under 50% will water more frequently but for shorter durations – over 50% will water less frequently but longer durations. For more details, please refer to this support article.

Let me know if this helps and/or if you have any other scheduling questions I can help with.

Best, Emil

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@chinhster @DJGrass

The ‘Access Denied’ issues should be resolved. It was a issue with projecting flex schedules and daylight savings time :wink:

Please let us know if you have any other issues. Thanks for your patience and have a great day!


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Great customer service.

Thank you!

Last week, the app said nothing scheduled for the next 2 weeks. Imagine my annoyance when for the past few days, this is what I’m waking up to:

My exterminator was doing his quarterly spraying yesterday and he suggested I cut back on the watering because my back yard’s getting soggy.

When I initially programmed the Rachio, I had to tweak some of the settings because the watering times were much much longer than what I had setup with my old controller and it was the only way to get them close to what they were before. And that was in the fall when you’d expect the watering times to be much shorter. My front yard has a decent amount of slope and a lot of the water runs off onto the sidewalk. I was trying to get those zones to water more frequent but shorter cycles.

I just switched the zones back to their defaults and checked the watering times. For some of my zones (which are flat), it wants to water for 6 minutes for 7 cycles again this weekend. 42 minutes per zone. In March. After it just watered those zones earlier this week. That’s ridiculous. I’ve never watered any of those zones for more than 12 minutes (3 cycles, twice a week) in July (in Texas)! It claims nothing for a while after this weekend but I have my doubts.

I’m going to leave the Rachio off for the next couple of weeks and set it loose after that. But I may ultimately just go to manual programming.

@chinhster, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Flex schedules are dynamic and can change pending reported weather data. You might prefer switching to Fixed schedules that are more predictable and do not dynamically adjust for weather.

Please note, we’ll be introducing new scheduling options this spring that marry the predictability of Fixed schedules with the intelligence of Flex schedules. For details, please refer to this community post. If you’d like to help beta test the new schedules, please sign up to do so here.

Flex schedules use the zone attributes provided to calculate the watering requirements of each zone. Vegetation type, nozzle type, and soil type have the biggest impact as they determine how big your soil reservoir (or gas tank) is via the root zone depth and holding capacity of the soil, then how long it takes to fill the gas tank via the nozzle’s application rate. If any of these inputs are incorrect, the watering durations will reflect the errors.

I can detail the math on one of your zones if you’d like, but I do believe our new schedules will address the concerns you have.

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