Rachio antennas

Hello Rachio Community,

I was wondering if Rachio has external Antennas that can be attached to increase range that it connects to WiFi or a way to add your own manually my Rachio is just a pinch short from being able to connect to my home WiFi

Unable to move closer to my WiFi I already have to as close to the Rachio as I can get it

Or would a better option be an outdoor antenna for my router? If so any suggestions I need to be able to extended the WiFi 300ft to reach Rachio unable to plug a bridge or anything near the Rachio as owner does not like WiFi in there house gives them headaches so some how I got to extend mine to reach

Thanks for any suggestions

No connection for a user supplied antenna (would be nice). I have not opened up my Rachio to see if a place exists to solder one on. I was going to suggest a bridge, but that is out. I have heard of those that get headaches from Wi-Fi and even ones that say they feel it from neighbors, etc. That might make it difficult. Does your current router have the ability to connect an outdoor antenna and can you run that wire outside? What about using an outdoor router (still likely need power & possibly Ethernet or POE)?

My router has 4 antenna on it that I can take off and add a wire antenna to to expand the range but that I think would help around house and I unfortunately need to expand across 3 house properties, also I got extra router around I’m not using but again I don’t think it would send signal far enough I really a long range antenna of some sort

I was thinking of trying this
TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor | Omada AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Outdoor Access Point | Business WiFi Solution w/ Mesh Support, Seamless Roaming & MU-MIMO | PoE Powered | SDN Integrated | Cloud Access & App Amazon.com

But not to sure how these all work if I would need two or can I use one to just expand my range it says it will do 200m that’s about around 650ft and I only need 300ft so it should work but some ppl say you need two and some say one so I’m. Not to sure

That certainly seems to me like it would work, but I have not played around with that access point. It really might take some experimenting around. I have used some similar Ubiquiti access points with amateur radio and was able to get much further, but has better antennas on both ends (especially the other end). I would agree two nice access points with nice antennas would be best. It is possible one end would work, but means the signal to the Rachio would probably be good and the return signal could be degraded. Is your line of sight across the 300 ft good or blocked? You might be able to do some experimenting with your access point before buying anything, maybe just using your router and aluminum foil: How much can Aluminum Foil Extend WiFi Range? - YouTube . . . I know people have had success with something called a “cantenna” using a Pringle’s can.

Are your neighbors from another planet? Maybe one from Andromeda? Feel the WiFi…. Give me a break. They are not feeling WiFi…. The must not have a microwave either…that would really jack them up…

Haha I know right that’s funny, I don’t think they do have a microwave now that I think of it. Well I still having no luck with antenna I had one get close by was only getting -72 to -86 dBm was just a pinch outside the range

Although I do not understand it, I do know people exists that swear that this happens. I think I have heard of towns that do not allow cell phones, Wi-Fi, amateur radio, etc.