Rachio Android App upside-down

Admittedly, this is an odd case and the root cause is my tablet, but the rachio app is the only one of the ~20-30 apps I use that has this problem. The result is that the rachio app is upside down. I just ordered a rachio and in advance of getting it read the quick start directions and downloaded the app. When I opened the app, the app flipped the screen upside down.

My tablet is a Dell Venue 8 (7840) and its wifi reception is horrible when you hold it by the bottom; the wifi drops out. Although this was a problem I read about, I had trouble believing a company like Dell could make such a mistake and wrote off the comments as whiners. The problem is so pronounced, that without even realizing it when I ordered a case for the tablet, the case actually inserted the tablet upside down! This fixed the problem as I don’t really grab it from the top and tablet didn’t have dedicated keys. Android just rotates everything upside down and I am happy. After a few frustrating days with the tablet, the case fixed it and I hardly remember after many months - until I downloaded rachio.

Rachio must disable auto-rotation as this is the only app to ever do flip the screen; chrome, gmail, my bank apps, ebay, etc… have no problem rotating. Can someone at rachio un-disable rotation (at least for the 180 position)?