Rachio and Winterization

  • Is there a way to grant a temporary pin and access to Rachio app for my sprinkler company to do a Winterization? Or, can they do it from the Rachio device itself without access to the app?

  • Do you have basic instructions that I can point the company to showing how to manually operate each zone during the winterization?

  • After winterization has been complered and all lines purged, how do I let the Rachio know not to run until next spring?

  1. Look at this and see if granting your sprinkler company “shared access” will suffice – https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010541848-How-to-use-Limited-formerly-Landscaper-Access

  2. If they are familiar w/ Rachio, then they should know how to manually run zones which is what they will have access to in Limited Access mode

  3. After the blowout is completed, there are a couple steps you will need to take in getting your Rachio bundled up and ready for winter. We recommend the following standby procedures to prepare for the colder months and get your controller ready for hibernation. To winterize your Rachio, simply place it in standby mode within the app. From your Rachio App Home screen, select “Device Settings” then “Standby Mode”. Also disable your schedules by going into Edit Schedule and switching ENABLED to off. Now your Rachio is ready for the cold months ahead!