Rachio and iOS issue

I continue to have issues with my controller going offline. Is there still an iOS issue? I cannot set a quickrun from the website - this is new.

@ltnunes - the iOS issue I’m aware of is only for the initial on-boarding of a controller to set the WiFi information.

Thanks! I recieved an email from Rachio last month that there’s a Rachio App iOS issue - but I’ve been able to manage my controller via the website until now.

Does the controller show as offline on the website? If so, what do the controller lights show?

If not, do you get an error message when starting a Quick Run? If not, does the zone light on the controller start blinking?

Yes - offline on website. Error message is that the controller appears to be offline. Troubleshoot. It’s the second light that’s blinking. Wifi is strong.

That means it’s trying to connect to Wi-Fi. Try rebooting the controller. If no luck, try reconfiguring Wi-Fi from the app. If that also fails, post details, including controller model.

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@ltnunes - Sounds like a Gen 2 model? Can you describe the network - mesh, extended, etc? Located in the US?

Have you run the RouteThis app and provided the key/code to support?

Yes to Gen2. Located in U.S. extended network. This is a chronic issue. I am not familiar with RouteThis

I will reboot the controller again. A personal issue…we need to have a switch installed by the controller because it’s hardwired to a circuit and that means crawling through the forest to the box on the other side of the house (yes, making an appt with the electrician.)

@ltnunes - Here is info on RouteThis:

Do you have the same or different SSID on the extender as the main network? I ran my Rachio using an extender with a different SSID than the main network so Rachio wouldn’t try to connect to the main network if it saw it.

Isn’t there a little black plug on the controller where it says “power in”? That’s 24 VAC coming from whatever your electrician installed. Just unplug it, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

With luck, the controller will be back online within a minute.

O.M.G! After several years of messing with digging through the jungle for the breaker box…I didn’t know/see the Power In plug. You just made my day! It’s now easy to reset and i think I’m going to plan for an upgrade to Rachio 3