Rachio 4? Release Date? New Features?

I’m just curious when you expect the Rachio 4 to be released. Can you let us know about any new features you have planned?


@dacoleman - First off I don’t work for Rachio, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

It wasn’t mentioned whether Rachio 4 referred to the app or the hardware as both are currently version 3. Both the app version 3 and the hardware gen 3 came out last year.

In looking at app releases from 1 to 2 to 3, it seemed like it was a couple of years between releases. Therefore, I would expect just dot releases and not a major release this year. As schedules slip and features get moved from one release/sprint to another I don’t think Rachio will announce any features until they’re out or pretty darn close to releasing. The one thing that I have seen mentioned that Rachio is working on is a setting for the light on the Gen 3.

Regarding hardware, again with the design time and certification I wouldn’t see them announcing a new controller (unless it is the Gen 3 for non-US/Canada locations) this year.

Why would any manufacturer disclose new hardware features and kill off any existing product revenue before they’re ready to ship and sell the new version? See Apple with their hardware releases, after the new products are announced they start taking orders fairly quickly and the existing models are discounted or discontinued.

That said, I would be really surprised to see any comment on this thread by someone from Rachio. Just trying to help.


Here for the surprises @DLane :wink:

No Rachio 4 plans quite yet @dacoleman. However, we’re always innovating, updating, and adding app features, so keep your eye out this year for more Rachifun :grinning: :joy:



Thanks for the info…

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Thanks for the info

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