Rachio 3rd Gen. Zone never 4 worked. Zones 1-3 work fine

I have the Rachio 3rd gen and my home has 4 zones. Zones 1-3 work fine but zone 4 never worked. I am able to turn zone 4 on manually outside of the home but Rachio is not recognizing it. I’ve also followed all the troubleshooting steps and nothing.

Attached are the photos from the old and new system showing all the wiring? Thanks in advance.

Did zone #4 work with the old Hunter controller? If so, try swapping 3&4(so put blue wire in the station 3 slot) and running zone 3. If it works the controller might have an issue w/ zone 4 so you could try moving it to #5 as well but try it in one you know works first.


Thank you Gaustin for the reply. When I tried what you’d recommended and was swapping the wires around btw zones, a piece of the blue (zone 4) wire came right off, that’s why zone 4 wasn’t working. I was able to remove the PVC pipe that was protecting the wires and fix it. Everything is working now. Thank you!!