Rachio 3e will not connect to Wifi!

@Frank512 We have not encountered this error yet with PCs but let us know if you do find a solution as I am sure others will run into the same problem. Thanks for working with us to try to get your controller online.

I am having the same problem that Frank512 is having. I cannot get the controller connected to my wifi by way of my S10. I have tried all logical troubleshooting. I do not have another device. I do have a PC. Will that work? I cannot begin to express my frustration. This shouldn’t be that hard. Thank you.

@10kdiamond Apologize for these issues, I understand it is frustrating.

@steve.palmerin Can you work with @10kdiamond on a work around?


@10kdiamond Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We can definitely help get your controller online. If you are willing to join our internal beta program temporarily, we have a solution that will guide you to connecting via your PC. If you DM me your email address tied to your Google Play account, I can add you to our internal beta list. After, you will be able to opt in via this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.rachio.iro and you should receive an update to the app on your S10 device.

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Frank512, I had 3-4 days of difficulty getting my Rachio 3 controller to hook up to my WiFi (I have a whole home Meshforce WiFi system). The Rachio rep who answered my emails was great, finally suggesting that I quit Wifi on my phone, then sign back in as a guest on my network. That worked! Then later that day it disconnected because it was an 8-hour guest network. Next morning, leaving my phone on regular WiFi, I was able to connect the controller and it has stayed connected since (one week). Odd fix, but it did work!

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kh808, thanks for the reply. I did try the guest network idea but it still did not connect. There really is an issue with the firmware loaded on the Rachio units that won’t work with newest versions of Android/Iphone. I am happy to report I received a replacement unit today with the newer firmware pre-loaded on it and pretty I was pretty much up and running right away with no issues.

I appreciate the all of the help and customer service by Rachio :grinning:



I have the same exact problem. Getting a new device is the answer? What version of iOS does this Rachio 3 work with? Wasted crap load of time.

For initial provisioning there is a batch of units that do not work with the iPhone 11. Other iPhone or iPad devices will work, or Android.


After initial provisioning any mobile phone will work.