Rachio 3e WIFI Connection Issue

Hi everyone,
I just received my Rachio 3e and went through the setup steps on the app. Everything was good until I got the Connect the Controller part where on first attempt it appeared to connect but immediately the app did a sudden crash and disappeared. Since then i’ve made many attempts but can’t for the life of me get it to connect. The Rachio is about 12 feet from the router and i’m standing near it with my phone.

Phone: Apple iPhone Xs running OS 15.2.1 model number MTAJ2LL/A

Anyway, I joined the support to see what I could find and I found a few people with similar issues but I couldn’t seem to find solutions because people would link to threads that are no longer there.

My questions:
Does anyone know if my phone model is the issue here? I did see some posts mentioning incompatibility but again when i tried to read more i only got ‘Not Found’ pages.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Update: i sent this same info to the tech support and they asked for Serial, Address and email address on the account and forced the controller to be added to my app. It happened very fast and I am now testing the system and configuring my watering schedule! Excellent support so far!