Rachio 3 Zones

We are planning to buy a Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller but I’m not sure if we need 8 or 16 zones.

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much

Are you replacing an existing controller or are you installing a new sprinkler system? If you are replacing an existing controller determine how many zones it has and buy the appropriate Rachio. For example if the old controller has 1-8 zones you can buy an 8 zone Rachio. If the old controller has 9 -16 zones then you need the 16 zone Rachio.

If you are installing a new sprinkler system then the designer of the system will need to decide how many zones there will be.

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Thanks Alturia.

We want to replace an existing controller but I can’t really work out the zones…

If you can you take and post a photo of how the existing controller is wired someone here can probably tell you how many zones you have.

Does that help?

It looks to me like you have 9 zones. But probably best to let the wiring gurus @rraisley and @Gene weigh in. They will know for sure.

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I agree with @Alturia - looks like 9 zones. Do you have wiring diagrams on the box to confirm?

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These guys nailed it. 9 zones, plus the white common wire. Looks like there might be some kind of sensor wired in (red and white wires inside the black sheath) on the right side. You will need to figure out what that sensor is and decide if you want/need it with the Rachio. Otherwise looks like a straightforward change. No master valve or pump that I can tell form the picture.

You could either get one of the Costco 12 zone units, or a full blown 16 zone.

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thanks so much everyone

…or the Costco version for 12 zones.

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