Rachio 3 - Zones run thru entire schedule

New Rachio setup. I have multiple zones… I have connected all the common wires to the C terminal, including the one from the irrigation pump. I am wondering if that is the problem.

Zone 1 goes on per schedule. Then Zone 2 comes on per schedule, but Zone 1 doesn’t turn off. Then Zone 3 comes on per schedule, and Zone 1 and 2 remain running. As you can imagine the water pressure isn’t quite keeping up.

I have tried both Master Valve and Well or Pump Start Relay settings for the controller. No effect. Still works the same way. I was wondering if increasing the delay between zone starts would fix the problem, but I can’t see a way to adjust the setting.

When I do a Quick Run on a zone, only that zone runs. And, I can walk through the other zones with no problems.

UPDATE: I tried moving the common from the PUMP to the the other C post. Zones still came on and stayed on.
I then figured out setting up a new schedule with the DELAY feature between Zones did the trick. I added a 2 minute delay (or soak cycle) between Zones and now one Zone at a time.

This is FINE. Totally happy now.

Take a picture of your wiring, but I suspect the “common” wire from the pump to be the problem.

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In the 4 port connector the top lead goes to the Common
middle two whites are from the sprinkler values (2 whites & 5 reds)
bottom white is from the irrigation pump

Hard to see but black from irrigation pump to M

5 reds are stations 1-5 (I am only using 3 zones at this time)

nothing else wired up

similar configuration to previous controller