Rachio 3 - Zone 3 on device doesn't work now. Did work. Not electric valve issue or wire issue

I own the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 3rd Generation. Using 4 zones out of 8 and noticed one day one of the zones won’t work anymore. Thought it was valve problem so I replaced the valve. Still nothing.

I ending up running the wire from zone 3 (zone with issue), over to zone 5 that does work. I was trying to figure out what the cause is. Seems like the unit itself.

I emailed Rachio, 2 days ago, never heard anything. Bugged them on Twitter, nothing.

Sounds like the unit. Possible causes that I can think of: unit did something weird, lightening (or other high static discharge), short, probably a million others. They may be trying to get caught up from the weekend?

Easiest way to tell if it’s the Rachio 3 or something downstream (wire, valve) is to swap the non-working zone with a working zone at the Rachio 3, then try to run them both.

If, after the swap, the bad zone becomes good and the good zone bad: It’s the controller. If the bad zone stays bad: It’s the wire or valve for that zone.

If it’s not the Rachio 3:

To determine if it’s wire or valve: Put things back the way they were on the controller, confirm again the bad zone is bad and the good zone good, then swap wires on the valve manifold end. If the bad zone remains bad and the good zone remains good: It’s the valve. Otherwise: It’s the wire.

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Yeah probably so. Just seems Zone 3 from the controller doesn’t work. Rest are fine.

Yeah, tried all this. I did originally replace the electric valve thinking it just got old / broke / clogged.

Seems to be the unit itself. Just zone 3. Rest of the zones are fine. Swapped the old zone 3 wire with a few other zones, works fine.

Hoping Rachio replies to my service request.


Rachio got me with, it’s a faulty controller, and they are going to RMA it. Sent me a new one.