Rachio 3 worked for a week

I had a Rachio 3 unit working for a week. Then, I was running the zones manually to adjust sprinklers and it quit responding. My Internet had to be reset. I then verified the Rachio unit was connecting to wifi. With wifi connection, I could see the unit at first looked to be responding to the App run requests, but still no water. During troubleshooting the Rachio started to just blink red. I’ve exchanged for a new unit, which is connected to Wifi. The Rachio unit responds to the app requests to run a zone, but no water runs. I’ve tried following someone’s suggestion of setting up a Multimeter and checking the circuits. I get a reading, it looks like it is reading 2475 ohms. (I’m not sure what to do with the reading) I don’t understand what has happened and how I went from it working to no water. Any ideas for Troubleshooting would be appreciated.

@jolk_rachio - 2,475 ohm is lots of resistivity. I believe normal sprinkler system solenoids will have 20 - 60 ohms resistivity (depending on the length of the wire and wire gauge, etc.).

Were the wires removed from the Rachio to do the test? And the test would be one ohm meter lead on the C(ommon) wire and the other ohm meter lead on a zone wire. Repeat for each zone, if necessary.

I left them connected to the controller. Should I remove the wires I’m testing?

Okay, I disconnected the common wire and one zone wire and tested. I’m at 11 ohm. I tested a second zone with similar results.

@jolk_rachio - that sounds normal.

Asking the obvious question - is water still turned on to the system? If the manual bleed screw on a solenoid is opened up, does water come out of that zone?

I am able to run each zone by using the manual bleed screws.