Rachio 3 with Everydrop 1104-EX shows wrong flow data

Just got the wired Everydrop 1104-EX flow meter installed and wired to S2 and 24V connectors on Rachio 3. Controller detected the flow meter, and calibration was done seemingly fine. During calibration each zone was showing detected flow quite consistently with small error +/-4% or so on the live graph until it shows the result baseline value. Recalibration yields very close baseline number.
Here is the problem: the volumes of water indicated make no sense. A small garden zone 4’x4’ with just 2 fixed nozzles adjusted to minimal radius indicate 75 LPM water usage! That is almost 19 GPM. All the zones are around that value.
That poor little garden bed 4’x4’x2’ will be completely filled with water in just 12 minutes at that rate! In reality I run it for about 30 minutes to get it wet just enough.
What is the problem here? Faulty flow meter or there is something needed to be adjusted? Where to start looking at?

Found what was the problem. I accidentally connected +24V and S2, but flow meter had to be connected to -24V and S2.

Once wired correctly, I got correct readings!