Rachio 3 with direct exposure to Phoenix sun

I am looking to replace my old Orbit controller with a Rachio 3 in the weatherproof enclosure. It will be on a south facing wall with direct exposure to the sun in the Phoenix metro area. Anybody else happen to have one of these things running in full 115 degree sun, and if so, any issues?

I have 2 in Gilbert, one on the east side of my house, one on the south for over 6 years. Still going strong!

Only issue is the stick on velcro that I used to hold the controller in place (this was before the Rachio branded enclosure) doesn’t stick to the controller or the box anymore, so the controller just kind of lays in the box. :rofl:

Awesome, that’s what I wanted to hear, thanks. Also just adding it here for future reference, support got back to me and said the safe operating temperature range is -13f to 140f.