Rachio 3 wiring help needed

Hello everyone, I am having a problem with my Rachio 3. I just installed it a few weeks ago and it worked fine for a few weeks. About a week ago I was notified that it was offline. I went out and noticed that all of the lights were off. I checked the power supply with a voltmeter and it was working fine. I contacted support and they sent a new unit out. I unhooked the old one and rewired the new one and then plugged it back in but no lights came on. Checked power supply again but it was fine and also checked with another outlet. Anyway, as I was unhooking the device I noticed that the lights came on and the unit booted up once I unplugged the AC1 and AC2 wires. Also, if the unit was operational once the wires were removed, the unit shut down when I plugged them back in. Any thoughts on what is going on? Thank you in advance for your help.

@davidh2000 - The Rachio 3 that I have doesn’t have AC1 or AC2 wires. There is a 24VAC - and + terminal. Those are not for power input, but for powering rain sensors.

  1. Can you post a picture of your wiring?

  2. What is connected to those terminals? If you moved wires over from another brand of controller that were labeled that on the other controller, you are likely putting power into the Rachio unit from there. Putting power into the 24 VAC - and + terminals can cause component failure from too much current in the Rachio.

Picture 2
Here is picture of the unit. I previously had a Hunter Pro-C that had the red and white wires connected to the AC1 and AC2 posts on that unit. That is why I connected them to the far right terminals. I don’t know where they run to. The previous unit had a Hunter Remote port.

@davidh2000 - Thanks for posting the picture. I’d disconnect the red and white wires as well as the associated blue wire that ran to the Hunter Remote Port. The Hunter Remote Port won’t be compatible, and isn’t necessary, with the Rachio.


@DLane thank you very much for your assistance! Have a great day.

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