Rachio 3 Will Not Connect To WiFi Router is Tenda NovaE360 Mesh

I have a Tenda NovaE360 mesh router and I have not been able to connect to my WiFi. This is very frustrating to me since I am spending time on troubleshooting and getting no where fast. I am using a Samsung S7 to setup my system since mu iPhone will not work yet due to firmware issue. I have unplugged and reset multiple times. Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

I spoke to our customer success team and I believe this is the only router that continues to be a problem with our controller. We have sent this information to our WiFi vendor but still have not received a patch. If you can bypass the router with a range extender that might work since the issue is rooted in firmware. They have also offered to buy back the controller if you just can’t get it to work. There are just some things out of our control and this is one of them.

I would be interested to see if the WiFi patch they gave us for the newer phones somehow has a fix for the Tenda router. If you can get the controller connected through a hotspot I can send new firmware immediately, and then see if it can connect to Tenda.

Thanks for your patience.


After multiple attempts to connect with my old Samsung phone, I was able to connect and get the firmware downloaded. My guest connection allowed me to connect. I wanted the Rachio so that when I go on vacations and out of town for work, I can be connected with the system so my wife will not need to monitor rainfall, etc. It has been working well the past several days.

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