Rachio 3 will not connect to Google WiFi Mesh

I just installed the Google mesh network and my Rachio Gen 3 will not connect to it. I’ve restarted numerous times and have gone through the setup.

Hey @Zachariah01!

Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear that the connection is giving you trouble. Would you be up for shooting a message over to our support team via support@rachio.com? They’re the best at troubleshooting these issues and would be happy to help get this squared away for you!


I have a Rachio 3 and a Google mesh and had no trouble at all getting it connected. I’m sure Rachio support will resolve the issue.

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Not sure why you’re having that problem, as I have Google WiFi and Rachio 3, and I had no problem at all connecting them. It has been rock solid since the install.

I have Google Wi-Fi and was experiencing the same frustrations as you when I initially installed the Rachio. After a couple days flailing around blaming everything else, I finally realized I was continually omitting a crucial character in the Wi-Fi password for my network. :sweat_smile: Major egg on my face!

Once properly entered, I was in business.

Good Luck!


Is this a new system that never worked (you had Google Wi-Fi before you bought the Rachio), one that stopped working when you upgraded to Google Wi-Fi, or something else?

Please describe your network (modem make/model, separate router, if any, Google Points).

Why do you suspect that the problem is related to Google? For example, you set up a second mobile phone as a temporary hotspot and Rachio connected to that ok.

What devices have you tried for configuring the controller (phones, tablets, computers)? What other suitable devices do you have, for example an old phone with no SIM but that still works?

What error messages do you get when trying to connect? What do the lights on the controller show?