Rachio 3 wifi fix

THE PROBLEM: Originally, I had a Rachio Technical Support WiFi specialist help me correctly configure my Rachio 3 controller with my Orbi Pro 6 SXR80 because of all of the issues that I was having. As far as I know, that service is no longer available because I cannot find a contact support phone number anywhere anymore. Unfortunately, my router was compromised and I had to immediately reset it. Sadly, all of the Rachio professional wifi settings were lost and I had to start from scratch.

PART ONE OF THE FIX: I started by splitting the 2.4 Mhz and the 5.0 Mhz signals and selecting the vlan setting on all channels. I could not find where the multicast was on or off. I have an iPhone X with the latest operating system. I put it into airplane mode and made sure that the wireless was enabled. When I originally connected to the Rachio 3 controller with my iPhone X, I was able to connect over the 2.4 Mhz network and setup was complete. However, a short time later, the connection to the network was severed for some reason.

PART TWO OF THE FIX: I enabled my WiFi on my iMac and successfully connected directly to the Rachio 3 controller and was able to setup a WiFi connection via the 5.0 Mhz channel and completed the setup that way. The 2.4 Mhz channel was not responsive to the connection request via my iMac.

@JeffsRachio3 - here is Rachio’s support number 844-4RACHIO (844 472 2446)

Rachio Support: 1 (844) 472-2446

Protip: Backup your router’s configuration file periodically.