Rachio 3 watering during rain

I am experiencing an issue where my controller did not issue a rain skip on 03/20/19 even though it had been raining through the night (Zip code 94555). My rain skip threshold setting is at 0.125 in. and I had switched from Weather Intelligence PLUS to a local PWS (KCAUNION24, <1 mile away) sometime back. This PWS shows that 0.81 in. of precipitation was received on 03/20, with most of it (i.e., 0.5 in) being received overnight before the controller triggered watering. Any chance you can please look into this?

Is it possible that the weather station was down at the time the data was pulled by Rachio? If so, is there a way to detect this and designate a nearby backup PWS?

@surfinCA It does look like we recorded a rain skip at the 12 hour mark and then at the 1 hour mark could not retrieve weather data and decided to run the schedule which seems like an issue on our end. I will work with the engineering team on reviewing this and determine a better course of action in this instance. Thank you for reporting this!


@franz: Thank you very much for your prompt follow-up! I look forward to receiving an update on the “fix” for this issue once your team has figured it out.