Rachio 3 vs other options?

hi all,

Newbie here, trying to finalize buying decision.

Does anyone have a summary of how Rachio 3 compares to smart controllers from competitors such as Rainbird / Hunter etc… I did notice that Hunter doesn’t allow integration with local weather stations unless you pay an extra $66/yr.



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The others are bullshit. Hunter and other large makers of this type of equipment are slow to react and have an over-inflated ego when it comes to technology. They defiantly understand the sprinklers but do not understand the technology and what it could have done for their companies and the customers. Buy the Rachio they will always be innovating and the products work as adverted. The same can be said about the Window, Heating and Cooling / Thermastates.

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The last time I looked internet access for Rain Bird was an add-on item and not integrated like Rachio. Consumer reports ranks RainMachine, Orbit, Rachio, and Rain Bird in that order. I have a neighbor with a Orbit and he likes it. It’s a bit like which church is best, which is whichever you like the most.

I spent an endless amount of time fiddling with the rachio to keep my house from dieing. Felt like years. I’ve been buying b-hyves for all the apartment buildings I’m converting to save water. Pretty much set and forget.

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Can you help me understand why the Rachio was so difficult?

Works as advertised? Maybe you missed the huge thread about HomeKit not working “as advertised”
As far as innovating, been over a year since any meaningful update to the IOS app. Most users are still waiting for basic algorithms to be updated (ie. Times End before sunrise…starts watering at like 1am and the grass sits wet all night, so instead we have to set an end before a specific time). They are spending too much time with Thrive subscription service and new hose products than tweaking the core to the Rachio system IMO.
But maybe your results differ.

Well, my perspective is that I have had Rachio since 2014. and if I look at the competitors and what they have done in the space rachio is still doing well and has many features and benefits that are lacking in other controllers. Yes, you can always do better.

At the price point and features available without a subscription, buy the Rachio. IMO, the most important thing is taking the time to learn how to correctly configure the controller.