Rachio 3 vs Garage Door

Has anyone else seen anything like this? My Rachio 3 disconnects from WiFi almost every time I open/close my garage door. Nothing else else (Ring, iPhone, iPad, etc.) seems to have an issue when operating my garage door. Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/zbQ9G3DAEPw

How crazy @greybeard!

I found something similar on a different forum… https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/garage-door-opener-interference-from-5ghz-device.2307462/

I am not an expert in Wi-Fi, so I am not following their conversation on exactly what is going wrong. However, some of the recommendations involved moving one of the devices, or even tin foil. Do you know if you connected your Rachio to your 5gHz band? If so, I wonder if switching it to the 2.4 would solve the issue?

McKynzee :rachio:

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I would do like @mckynzee is suggesting as long as you are within range of the second band on your wifi.

Your Rachio has become a victim of the Fractional Bandwidth Factor.

On one side of the coin, Rachio has proven itself as complying with FCC Sub part 15. On the otherside
the coin, your Genie garage door opener has failed one part of it’s FCC test yet proved itself against the fractional bandwidth factor.

The Rachio operates on 2.4 or 5Hz (operation) but is still subject to interference just like any other device that complies with FCC 15.

In the past, this could be overcome by changing the dip switches in your garage door opener but now they have changed to rolling code technology. You can still change it but it will just come back like a hungry stray dog looking for more food.

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Wow, that’s annoying! And alarming!

Are they both on the same network? If yes, does your router allow you to setup a second network, like a Guest network? If so, you might try putting the garage door on one of the networks and the Rachio on the other to isolate them. Also, have you manually assigned the IPs or are they being assigned by DHCP? If DHCP try manually assigning either the Racho or the garage door, or both.

It may not work if you do have a fractional bandwidth issue, but it’s more likely a routine conflict.

P.S. You might also consider ratcheting-down your WiFi signal (I know – counterintuitive) a bit. You’d be surprised how many people are running routers you can see – and link – from blocks away because they think they need more power to get to that corner bedroom when what they actually need is to fine-tune their WiFi setting on their devices to stop grabbing every signal in the area. If you try this you’ll have to do it at the router as (to my knowledge) neither the Rachio nor any garage door setups allow the user to fine tune how aggressively they seek signals or how much power they transmit with. It could take a bit of trial-and-error.


Nobody is impervious to the FCC rules. The fractional bandwidth is random and can happen to anyone with any device.

I had to recode older devices due to a neighbor with a HAM radio. It can happen.

I’m assuming the garage door motor is somehow interfering with the wifi, and not the wifi of the garage door. In that case, simply changing the channel on the router may fix the issue. Channel and power are the least effort fixes to try first. If you have dual band router, then using the 2.4Ghz (G) band for the Rachio is next and surely would fix it.

I had the same problem with my old garage door, it always had an issue when I came and couldn’t open the garage door wirelessly. Maybe it happened because the system was old but I get mad and decided to replace this door entirely. Luckily I didn’t have to search a lot for something I found what I need from the store where I bought earlier pine doors with glass for my interior. Now I’m happy that anything is working fine and I didn’t have problems since then.