Rachio 3 - usage in Germany / Frequency and KNX question

Hi all,

would love to use the Rachio 3 in Germany, mainly due to the hyperlocal feature.

From what i understand, the device would currently be illegal due to the frequency it uses to connect to the wireless flow meter. What is your view on this - might it be possible, for instance with a future software update, to disable the wireless flow meter functionality (and frequency) for the european market?

I´m using a KNX / EIB Installation for my house, a KNX Weatherstation is connected as well - do you have any idea if this can be connected somehow to Rachio? - the weather station is a https://www.gira.com/data2/1784900909.pdf

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the illegality aspect might differ per country within eu (do check these exactly), besides customs, from what i understand most issue is with possible interference of frequencies between households. If you don’t live in a cityblock, i don’t see how this could be a practical issue for anyone. Actually legality of frequencies has historically many times changed because use and rules didn’t make sense.

unfortunately these are standard frequencies for mobile / cell usage - same as in australia / see sep thread - so part of the spectrum is used by t-mobile / vodafone, another part is reserved for military use - for details: https://www.bundesnetzagentur.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/Sachgebiete/Telekommunikation/Unternehmen_Institutionen/Frequenzen/Frequenzplan.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=8 - so not sure if rachio would interfere with my cell phone running on the same frequency…

see Rachio 3 and Australia - illegal! - 902-928 Mhz -> same as for instance iPhone european LTE frequency

the question is how to proceed? use R3 illegally in Germany, Risk interference with my cell phone, use R2 but without hyperlocal feature or wait for an update to R2 that features hyperlocal - or wait for an R3 software Update that allows disabling the wireless meter functionality

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ideally an add-on wire solution for R3, both more hack proof and signal perfect for underground installations.

i still doubt the level of phone problems. nowadays many iot products are sold on these frequencies (check domotics or alibaba products, i think my weatherstation connector is also on that frequency…just sayingi) and i don’t think anyone checks the frequencies unless there is a problem. then again problems will only arise when too many signals are in an area, a cityblock with only hipsters might run into it or a neighbour of a military complex.

not to say to avoid customs or retail issues, good to have next products get this item solved i some way. i would laugh if apple home-kit has thought of this for example.

hmmm, as unfortunately the rachio team did not respond to the above and their ideas for int. markets, i´ve purchased a greeniq - wired flow sensor and no frequency issues.

as i´m living in a quite dense environment in a major city in germany, would not want to risk anything - apart from the fact that if i order via amazon us, german customs might even stop the delivery due to the frequency issue.

homekit is some platform to connect lots of different devices - for instance philips hue (zigbee - 2,4 ghz worldwide / 868 mhz in DE / 915 mhz in US) or sonos (2,4 ghz) or nest (2,4 ghz) - in general the 2,4 ghz ism band might be a good worldwide alternative for a rachio 4

why rachio 4, couldnt you modify the radio to another frequency? in that way rachio can quickly overcome an expansion issue.

as rachio did not answer, not sure what can be done …