Rachio 3 unable to connect to 2.4 ghz but works fine with 5 ghz

I have a high end router, Asus RT-AC5300. Rachio 3 is unable to connect with the 2.4 ghz even if I’m one foot from the router. Other gadget like Vera Edge, Chromecast Audio, LG G4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, NVidia Shield TV, Visio TV, and many more…works fine!

I wonder which chipset for wifi Rachio 3 is using to have such basic problem.

I know Rachio 3 in general has lot of software issue for sure, even with 5 ghz, the registration needed babysitting from customer support for the last step, and the software keep just waiting without any kind of timeout in lot of steps of the workflow. The app on Android is often crashing. I was fine to buy the most expansive controller because I wanted quality…

Talking about software, usually the first step of introducing a new controller should be to update firmware, but that is not what Rachio software is doing, after hours of debugging to add it successfully, I then had the option to update firmware.

Your android application is crashing?