Rachio 3 to Rachio 3 migration

Had to get my Rachio 3 - 8 zone replaced because of a boot error on my original unit after a power outage. Original unit was less than 10 months old and basically didn’t survive the winter in standby mode. Got the new unit today. I was told by support not to delete the old unit from my account before I got the new one added, so I could transfer my configuration setting. There doesn’t seem to be any way to transfer settings.

Before someone tells me it’s in the zone setup, or to look at the Rachio 2>Rachio 3 migration doc, please know that none of those options are there. Hopefully someone know how to unlock this seemingly secret menu option, which should have a MUCH BETTER UX design behind it. This is ridiculous.

When you initially added the new controller to the account, there was no option to transfer settings from a previous controller? It’s been a while, but I’m almost positive the option was there.

Otherwise, you can contact support and they can probably do it from the back end…

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No option was presented, but the process was not exactly seamless, either. Maybe I’ll try killing the new device from the account and setting it up again…