Rachio 3 still watering despite rain sensor supposedly turning it off

Hi, I have a Rachio 3 and a Hunter Rain-Clik wireless rain sensor hooked up. This morning, the Rachio started to water as scheduled, but then it started to rain and the Rachio stopped watering because the rain sensor was activated appropriately (as indicated in the Rachio history). However, approximately 45 mins later, the Rachio started the schedule again and watered despite the rain sensor still being activated.

Even as I write this, the Rachio home screen appropriately indicates the rain sensor is on (as well as the Hunter Rain-Clik itself) because the sensor is still wet. I’m not sure why the schedule still turned back on and ran earlier this morning though.

@beezar I will have the engineering team look into this. Thank you for reporting this event.


This is indeed a defect in the firmware. According to our logs the controller disconnected from WiFi and reconnected during this watering time. When it reconnected the firmware was unaware of the rain sensor activation and decided to run the scheduled schedule. Our team will fix this issue and send out new firmware as soon as it has been validated and tested. Thanks again for reporting this to our team.


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Thanks for promptly looking into this!

@Franz WiFi connectivity might be the issue with all the intermittent sensor connection issues posted in the forum.

If it helps, the house with the WR2 connection issues I’m having also has an AT&T microcell installed.

Looking forward to sensor testing after the update.

Is there a fix for the v2, had a similar experience this AM but I doubt my WiFi went out.