Rachio 3 sometimes will not reconnect to WIFI

If I experience intermittent power fluctuation my Rachio 3 16 zone will not always reconnect to WIFI (Orbi Mesh router). I have another home with same exact configuration and never have reconnection problems. Rachio 3 firmware is current, Orbi Mesh router firmware is current. When condition occurs the blue light on face of Rachio 3 is fully glowing across all four sections if it thinks it is connected to WIFI. The WIFI signal strength is excellent. If I unplug Rachio 3 for 5 seconds and plug back in WIFI reconnection occurs fine. My unit serial # is VC8268193.

I really need to get this problem fixed. I am frequently out of town and I need to be able to rely on a 24x7 Rachio access.

I am very pleased with the Rachio product. I have two other homes, one with a Rachio 2 8 zone and another with a Rachio 3 16 zone.

Thanks for any help.

I also have an Orbi Mesh and a Rachio 3. Mine are also both at current firmware.
My house loses power a lot, and I’ve yet to have a problem with the Rachio reconnecting.

I know this doesn’t help you with your problem, but maybe it will help somebody else with some diagnostic ideas.