Rachio 3- Some Sprinklers in each zone are not working

Hi there,

I got my Rachio 3 -16 Zones installed yesterday. During my test run (1 min/zone) I noticed that 1 sprinkler in 2 of my zones were not working. They were working with my old hunter system.

Also, I noticed that with Rachio 3- It takes 1-2 seconds for sprinklers to pop out. I can hear the sound first and then sprinkler heads pops up. Unlike hunter, no water sound they just pop up.

Any idea what to do with my issue 1?

Can you manually open the valve manually and see if it works normally that way?

You mean pull the head out? U want me to run the sprinkler in that specific zone and then try to pull it out or just do it without running? I can test it and report it back.

I think what TSGarp007 was meaning if you go to your irrigation control box, in the ground, and turn the valve on manually does it work correctly.

The Rachio or any controller shouldn’t have anything to do with an individual head. It’s possible there is an obstruction or perhaps the valve is not fully opening.

I need to try that. Will check that and see if it works.