Rachio 3 - Solar Powered (with battery)

Hi All,

I’ve ordered a Rachio 3 which is on it’s way from the US via Amazon - I’m Australian based and will do all the necessary mods to get it working legally.

I don’t have grid power anywhere near the location of the garden/lawn the Rachio 3 will be stationed thus I’m thinking of creating a simple solar/battery setup that will be enough to power the Rachio 3.

Has anyone done this? Any advice?

I’m hoping to keep it simple:

  1. 12V 100watt panel
  2. 12v 10AH battery
  3. MPPT solar battery charger
  4. DC>DC Step Up converter to keep the unit powered in 24V (like this: https://www.jaycar.com.au/dc-to-dc-step-up-voltage-converter-module/p/AA0237).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



Not sure that is going to work as I think the Rachio needs a 24v AC power supply, not DC…

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I have not done this, but maybe a 12VDC to 24VAC inverter may be used instead of the DC to DC step up converter.

Thanks Pedro - This unit looks to be a winner - inv-12dc-24vac | PowerStream

Hi Tomas, @Pedro noted the some thing. Thanks both for your suggestion. inv-12dc-24vac | PowerStream looks to be an option.