Rachio 3 & SmartThings

Hello, I know there is another thread similar to this and I asked about Rachio 3 and SmartThings integrations but wanted to ask a few other questions.

  1. Same question, when is Rachio 3 and SmartThings going to work together? I tried to connect my 3 using the 2 handler but says that they cannot connect to my device.

  2. My system was professionally installed and my installer “shared” my system to me so that he can access the system when he comes to service. Does this hinder my ability to use SmartThings with Rachio? ie Do I have to be the primary system manager to integrate with SmartThings?

Thanks for any insight!

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  1. I answered in the other…are you using the new or old ST app? Been a couple months, but I think access is still workable in the old app.

  2. If you have the login to the Rachio then you should be fine. If you are truely only being shared your Rachio without a direct login, then it wouldn’t work…

I have the latest app, guess I’m SOL

And yah I only have shared. Maybe I can get my guy to transfer ownership and I share back to him instead.

You can have both the new and old ST apps installed at the same time. It seems almost required right now, as some things only work on one or the other.

How do I install the old ST app on and iPhone?

Search thr app store for Smartthings and look for the ST app that is just a round circle. That is the old app. Use the same login as the other app.