Rachio 3 Skipping with very little rain

I have been enjoying my Rachio 3, but it seems a little bit skip happy. I set up a flex plan and made sure all the sloping, rotation of sprinkler heads, and climate settings were correct (Denver CO area). The plan watered each zone for about 6 minutes each every morning, which seemed low but I wanted to give it a chance. However, what made it worse is how often it skipped even when there wasn’t rain.

After a few patches of grass nearly died, I did a lot of manual watering to restore some spots and swapped the weather forecast away from the “300,000+” network and to a station that was about a quarter mile away. That seemed to help but it still is telling me it’s skipping on nights with no rain.

Is the default rain threshold super low? It says a quarter inch of rain will cause a skip. I do want to use the water saving capabilities, which is why I haven’t overridden it, but I did add another watering schedule on the parts of the lawn that needed it. That too wants to skip quite often, and if I have to I will tell it to never skip, but I’m hoping to harness the full functionality of the device and find that happy medium.

Any information from anyone who has dealt with a dry lawn after using the Rachio would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

@Brad2 It looks like you might have chosen a defective weather station. I’d pick the next closest station and see if you get better behavior.



Next closest station.